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Our skin craves different nutrition depending on the time of year. Schedule a skin analysis, facial mapping in order to redesign your Skin care regime based on the seasons. In the winter, add heavier texture moisturizing creams and Hydrating serums to your daily beauty regime. In summer, ensure you're using anti-oxidant serums and re-apply your SPF (Sun Protector Factor) every three hours.

Medical facials are a safe and effective way of complementing other noninvasive treatments such as injectable dermal fillers or laser resurfacing. It can help prepare your skin for the treatment and improve results post-treatment. It’s also a bonus when your cosmetic doctor can coordinate with your medical aesthetician to create the ultimate skin care regime.
A Holistic Facial combines Acupressure, Facial Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Techniques. Acupressure reduces tension and encourages relaxation throughout the entire body through the stimulation of specific acupressure points on the face and scalp. The facial massage stimulates the circulation bringing fresh nutrients to the surface, while lymphatic drainage removes toxins and excess water.
Oncology Estheticians' services compliment conventional cancer treatments. The purpose is not to treat the cancer itself but to treat the person as a whole. Complementary therapies help a person cope with cancer, its treatment or side effects and to feel better.