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A cancer diagnosis is life changing. As one navigates through surgical intervention, chemotherapy/biotherapy and radiation therapy, shifts in physical and emotional health occur.

Side effects from cancer treatment touch all aspects of the patient's life, including emotional and psychosocial issues, body-image issues, work-related and financial issues. Many patients find themselves overwhelmed and they can benefit greatly from supportive care.

Cancer treatments can lead to numerous skin related side effects. Therapy Oncology Esthetics can provide relief, easing symptoms and skin reactions, improving skin and overall health and restoring a sense of well-being. Certified Oncology Estheticians can complete the circle of care that is provided to patients.

Oncology Estheticians' services compliment conventional cancer treatments. The purpose is not to treat the cancer itself but to treat the person as a whole. Complementary therapies help a person cope with cancer, its treatment or side effects and to feel better.